March Book Madness

~Welcome to March Book Madness! For the 2019 March Book Madness book lists, click the links below or above to get to the Picture Book, Middle-Grade Novel, or Young Adult Novel pages.

We are celebrating “The Character’s Journey” this year. We also are celebrating our 5th birthday by bringing back the four previous champions to each bracket. Additionally, we support the We Need Diverse Books organization. One goal of We Need Diverse Books is to “help produce and promote literature that reflects and honors the lives of all young people.” We are supporting We Need Diverse Books by selecting books that showcase a diverse representation of characters. We also selected an inclusive list of creators.

We hope you enjoy the 2019 March Book Madness event. Official brackets will be released in February 2019. Between now and then, start introducing our book lists to your students or patrons and join the conversation about March Book Madness on Twitter. The hashtag is #2019MBM. ~

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King for a Day is being reprinted and will not be available until April 9th, 2019. We are sorry for this inconveniance. 

Use Madness20 during checkout to received 20% off these books.

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