I'll Be There For You

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Wilkoff, Brieanna
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Winding Road Publishing LLC
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Rae Ballester loves movie musicals and-thanks to her dad-'80s rock. Since he died a year ago, his favorite music helps keep his memory alive. Struggling to move on, Rae keeps her head down and earbuds in, but shunning the world has cost her even her closest friendships, leaving her the "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

When Rae meets Mac, a boy with a charming smile who thinks any problem can be solved with a show tune, she cautiously welcomes their easy banter. With his humor, enthusiasm, and well-curated Broadway playlists, Mac slowly edges his way into her heart, but when he proves "Every Rose Has Its Thorn," Rae thinks about withdrawing to the comfort of hair metal and the silver screen.

Should Rae retreat from the world to protect her already broken heart, or will her involvement in the school's theater program and the random acts of kindness she and others have started performing give her "Something to Believe In?" I'll Be There for You delves into the personal journey of healing old wounds, making new friends, and how to build a future with pieces of the past and present.