Traveling Rose (Hardcover)

Traveling Rose By Brian Wray, Shiloh Penfield (Illustrator), Pixel Mouse House (Other) Cover Image
By Brian Wray, Shiloh Penfield (Illustrator), Pixel Mouse House (Other)
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Rose is taking her very first big trip to London with her friend Iris and her favorite little boy Rose is excited about the teas they would have, but before she even gets on the plane, worry thoughts begin to push their way in. And one big worry thought won't leave her alone:

"Did you remember to turn off the lamp by your bed? Something bad could happen "

This one worry keeps racing through Rose's thoughts, and soon she begins to think that she shouldn't go on the trip at all. With some help from her new friend Iris, will Rose discover a way to find her own determined voice, push the worry away, and allow herself to let go of the things she can't control?

Award-winning author and illustrator team Brian Wray and Shiloh Penfield are back with another picture book about Rose, a favorite stuffed bunny dealing with some very big worry thoughts.

"First times" for anyone can be stressful. For someone with intrusive thoughts, however, new experiences like taking a trip can be filled with many more obstacles. Intrusive worries are there at every turn, pointing out all of the things that could go wrong or that are "dangerous." It takes work to see through the fears and picture the possibilities.

- Perfect for social and emotional learning, since a child learning to express emotion is one of the key ingredients to healthful development.
- Talking about mental health issues can be just as daunting for an adult as it is for a child, so a story time picture book can ease this fear of talking to your child.
- Allowing a child to see themselves in a story shows them that they are not alone in their experience.
- Rose continues to be a starting point to having larger conversations that will create a lasting impact. Don't miss her in her first picture book, Unraveling Rose.

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ISBN: 9780764364549
ISBN-10: 0764364545
Publisher: Schiffer Kids
Publication Date: October 18th, 2022
Pages: 32
Language: English